Rex-Treks walks are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute increments. 


Rex-Treks walks are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute increments. 

Every walk I take with a dog is sourced in playful connection and creative companionship that are the hallmarks of my Walking in Total Harmony (WITH) approach.

From the moment I arrive to the moment I depart, my intention is to provide a recreational experience that nourishes the individual dog’s needs for movement, exploration, play, socialization, education and enrichment while cultivating and maintaining teamwork skills and essential “concepts” that facilitate harmony. 

As a trained professional, I will provide loving leadership, practicing basic life skills, leash manners and doggie etiquette; as a dog lover, I will pamper your pooch with affection, praise and play. 

Your dog and I will venture out to explore and enjoy the scents, sounds, and sights of the day as we walk, jump, romp, sniff, and scamper in the fresh air, rain or shine. Treks can include a variety of recreational elements, such as warming up or finishing up in the yard with some ball or disk tossing, local destination outings, and “pawcore” stops. 

At the end of each walk I can provide a note, text or post-trek conversation to convey the highlights of your dog’s excursion.

I maintain a Monday through Friday regular schedule of treks. Becoming one of my trekking buddies requires availability in my current schedule of course, plus a complimentary orientation session where I gather all of the household information and pertinent details I need to provide personalized recreational and educational care for your dog.

Interested in Walks with Rex-Treks?


Walk: 30 minutes — $30.00

Walk: 45 minutes — $35.00

Walk: 60 minutes — $40.00

Go to the payment page to pay for Rex-Treks walks.

You may also pay any amount by Venmo online or through the Venmo app @Rex-Treks.

Rex-Treks Walking Service Area

My Trekking & Excursion Service Area includes Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, CrownHill, Greenlake, Wallingford, Pinehurst/Northgate, Victory Heights, Maple Leaf, Roosevelt, Ravenna and View Ridge. Feel free to contact me directly regarding availability in my schedule and if you are in my Service Area.