Each Private training session is around 60 minutes and includes email and/or phone follow up support. 


Each Private training session is around 60 minutes and includes email and/or phone follow up support. 

Interested in Private Training?

My message would be simple: training is not a luxury, but a key component to good animal care. Everyone who has a pet should understand that basic fact. Training is a way to enhance the quality of life for our pets. It is far more than just teaching a dog to do a cute trick. Training is about teaching a dog (or any animal) how to live in our world safely and successfully. — Ken Ramirez

My approach to educating dogs and humans arises from the belief that living and learning with a dog is a journey you take together.  Sometimes the path is clear and full of promise, and other times it can feel arduous and murky.  Whether you are raising your first puppy or you have lots of experience sharing your life with a dog, my intention is to support your journey, providing perspective, clarity, solutions, and strategies for success, along with the possibility of even more joy.

My training practice is sourced in force-free, positive reinforcement, games-based dog training that includes but goes beyond traditional “obedience school behaviors” like Sit, Down, and Stay.  Dogs are learning 24/7, regardless of whether we have set aside time specifically to focus on training, so I am dedicated to empowering dogs to make “good choices,” fostering connection and cooperation in your daily interactions that, when woven together, create the fabric of life with your dog.  Private training is also about ensuring that the dog’s humans have the skills and concepts they need to create life long, rewarding companionship with their canine family member.   

Using cleverly designed, deceptively simple training games, exercises and strategies, we grow essential concepts like connection, calmness, confidence, optimism, self-control, frustration tolerance and so much more.  Concepts are the ingredients from which life skills are created.   Training games provide a structure for developing skills and rehearsing success while having so much fun the learning sneaks up on you.

The power of games-based learning is the spirit of play.  Playful learning preserves and enhances the relationship between the learner and teacher, growing your bond of mutual trust and understanding as you navigate the journey together.  Teaching through play and games helps transform knowing how to do stuff into practical life and teamwork skills, and appears to accelerate the integration of new skills.  According to the late child development psychologist, Dr. Karen Purvis, “It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain – unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions.”

While many people come to training for “basic manners” and life skills (like loose leash walking, polite greetings, settling, coming when called) or to target specific struggles (anxiety, fear, reactivity, adolescent chaos), they often discover that training itself can be a source of enrichment and playful connection.  Growing and learning with your dog can become a way of life that evolves with you.


1 Hour — $95.00

PawSome 3 Pack — $270.00

PawSome 5 Pack — $425.00

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Training Service Area

Consultation and Private Training is subject to my North Seattle service area which includes my Trekking service area and extends beyond to places like Mountlake Terrace, Queen Anne, Magnolia, the U-District, Fremont, and Interbay. Please feel free to reach out to me to clarify if you are in my service area. For those outside my service area there may be another option to secure training space for us through one of the schools where I teach.