Rex-Treks offers Consultation, Private Training, Group Instruction and Walking Services in the Seattle area.
Deborah works at your home, parks and some local training centers.


A Consultation is an in-depth, private educational session designed to illuminate the situation, struggles, goals and questions you share with me in my Consultation Questionnaire.

A Consultation encompasses getting to know you and your dog(s) and the shape of your life together so I can provide guidance, recommendations and information to help you understand core issues from the dog’s perspective and provide you with training games, exercises, strategies and additional resources to support you in working toward the goals you have for sharing life with your dogs.

A Consultation can be a stand alone session or the initiation of a series of private lessons and includes email follow up to support what we cover and expand on my recommendations. 



My approach to educating dogs and humans is rooted in the belief that living and learning with a dog is a journey you take together.  Sometimes the path is clear and full of promise, and other times it can feel arduous and murky.  Either way,  my intention is to support your journey, providing clarity and contributing the possibility of joy.

My training practice is sourced in force-free, positive reinforcement, games-based dog training that includes but goes beyond traditional “obedience school behaviors” like Sit, Down, and Stay.

Using cleverly designed, deceptively simple training games, exercises and strategies, we grow essential concepts like connection, calmness, confidence, optimism, self-control, frustration tolerance and so much more.  Concepts are the ingredients from which life skills are created. Teaching through games transforms knowing how to do stuff into practical life and teamwork skills and enhances the relationship you share with your dog as you navigate the journey together.

 “Scientists have determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain – unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions.” – Dr. Karyn Purvis



Every walk I take with a dog is sourced in playful connection and creative companionship that are the hallmarks of my Walking in Total Harmony (WITH) approach.

From the moment I arrive to the moment I depart, my intention is to provide a recreational experience that nourishes the individual dog’s needs for movement, exploration, play, socialization, and enrichment while cultivating and maintaining teamwork skills and essential “concepts” and to facilitate harmony.  

Rex-Treks are a private, one-on-one service. An additional family dog can be included in a walk if doing so will not compromise safety or training goals. 

Dogs struggling with anxiety, fear, reactivity or other struggles may require a course of private training alongside walking services to grow foundation skills and concepts.

Additional $5.00 for second family dog.


​Group Instruction

My group classes are designed to, first and foremost, provide an experience the nourishes the relationship between dog and handler. Using training games and creative activities to foster powerful, playful learning, dogs and humans alike leave each session with a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts and progress toward their goals.

Group classes are currently offered through Great Dog Canine Education Center in the Northgate area. Please reach out to me if you would like me to teach a workshop at your venue.

Service Area

My Trekking & Excursion Service Area includes Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, CrownHill, Greenlake, Wallingford, Pinehurst/Northgate, Victory Heights, Maple Leaf, Roosevelt, Ravenna.  Feel free to contact me directly regarding private lessons & coaching in your home.

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